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Hi, I’m Jana… I think we should work together and get your skin healthy, glowing and beautiful.

I believe in living naturally and organic – utilizing the gifts of nature to care for our bodies. My passion is to help women make natural and healthy choices for their skin and beauty products. 


Unlike other estheticians who focus on topical treatments using “professional grade products” that may contain harmful ingredients, I focus on NATURAL based skin care with a unique approach in diet as well as topical application.

This means that I can teach you how to care for your skin in the most natural way and, help you make simple tweaks to your diet so you can look beautiful, see visible results, and clear up all kinds of skin issues, resulting in not only HEALTHY SKIN but also a healthier body.

I am bringing you my expertise of over 12 years of hands-on experience and research as a licensed esthetician with extra education in health coaching and aromatherapy.

I am also a certified eyelash extension specialist with Novalash. Skin and beauty is my passion and I strive to provide the best care while maintaining a goal of truly positive results.


My personal experience |  the gut-skin connection

After having my third baby, my digestive system began to cause havoc in my life. I felt like I couldn’t eat anything without my stomach being totally upset. It began to affect my mood, my emotions and the ability to deal with everyday tasks. I was a wreak. I had lost a lot of weight (not in a good way!) I also noticed my skin had more pigmentation and I had way more clogged skin and breakouts than I usually did.

I started to do my research and began to focus my attention towards my gut and how to heal it. After some extensive blood tests, I found out I’m highly sensitive to Lectins. Now, I had this long list of foods to avoid (uggh!) but I finally had the answer. My gut began to heal and I started to get back on track to how life’s supposed to be. And the best side effect was that my skin was healthy as ever!

After this experience, I’ve learned so much. I discovered that so many people suffer from gut issues and skin issues. I now had the tools to start helping others and I’m here to do just that!