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Oil Touch Treatments |  $75

Oil Touch is an interaction between nature’s chemistry and neurology (brain and healing communication system). It supports the body to move toward a healing state. Health is created as the body achieves and maintains balance. Oil Touch promotes balance so healing can continue and is recommended as an integral part of preventive care even for healthy people.

If you feel out of balance, have low immunity, or your body needs extra support because of a current ailment, you will find great benefit with the Oil Touch Treatment. Oil Touch is not a treatment for any specific disease or condition. Your body has a natural ability to heal itself when it’s given the proper support. During the process, Pure Essential Oils are applied along the spine and feet with a soothing, light and relaxing touch massage treatment. 60 minutes

A total of eight essential oils are applied during the Oil Touch Technique

Grounding Blend



Protective Blend   

Massage Blend

Soothing Blend

Wild Orange


Learn About Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils have powerful properties and can be used as natural remedies. They help to support our body so that proper emotional and physical healing can take place as nature intended.

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